Larry Smart is renowned for his paintings of 60s iconic pop legends including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, as well as psychedelic mandalas, Marrakech riads and glorious landscapes. Larry is also responsible for much of the early Whole Earth Foods design packaging.

His work was recently featured in the V&A exhibition ‘You Say You Want a Revolution: Records and Rebels 1966-1970’ and prompted his friends and family to create a retrospective of his work and re-issue the much sought after prints of Larry’s John Lennon which you can buy here.

The full extent of Larry’s work is not known and he died over ten years ago, so we are keen to track down the ‘missing Larrys’. If you own a Larry Smart original painting or know where one is, please get in touch.

The Larry Smart Retro-Spective – the first ever exhibition of Larry’s work – was held in June 2017.

You can buy limited edition screen prints of Larry Smart’s Jimi Hendrix – Fire, John Lennon – Kaleidoscope Eyes and Bob Dylan – Liquid Light at our online shop.

For more information about Larry visit here or admire a gallery of his works here.